Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Family support resources for college-bound students

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We recently started a campaign to help parents support their student's transition to college. Part of this campaign involves sharing in-depth resources created by higher education experts. I noticed you’re already sharing some similar resources on your site (http://spprep.org/collegeresources), so I wanted to make you aware of these as well. Would you be willing to review and add them to your site?

The first guide focuses on mental health during freshman year and has some great info to help first-time college students better transition to university life. The guide goes over common feelings many students have after leaving home, includes expert advice from the director for wellness at Clarion University’s Center for Wellness, and describes where students can find support on college campuses. You can read more here:

The second guide focuses on helping parents prepare for the high-school to college transition by exploring the financial aid process, discussing concerns about housing and student independence, and by identifying on-campus resources they can turn to for support. You can check out the entire guide here:

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