Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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Thanks for a great year! The Guidance and College Counseling Team.

Congrats to the 

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Monday, May 22, 2017

5 Things Students Need To Do This Summer

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Summer is here. It’s awesome. And you’ve probably been waiting for it all year long. Summer means sleeping late, hanging out with friends, and not having to write history papers. But summer is also a time to think about college and the next steps of life.
With college admission as competitive as it is, every summer activity counts. In fact, Princeton University historically asks on its application: “How Have You Spent the Last Two Summers?” Colleges want to know how you occupy your time. This gives them insight into who you are and what you prioritize.
Colleges look for students who dedicate themselves to activities and projects as they aim to build a well-rounded incoming freshman class. And even if it’s the summer after your freshman year of high school, it’s never too early to figure out how your plans for the next 10 weeks may impact potential college applications.
Here are the top five activities to consider that will help you standout in the college admission process.


Community service begins in the neighboring blocks or miles around your home. Do not neglect doing good in your immediate vicinity. There are plenty of opportunities for you to help others at churches, rec centers, day camps, and more.
You do not have to travel to Fiji to dig a well to do community service. In fact, an expensive trip abroad may signal “vacation” more than “volunteering.” If you are planning to volunteer abroad, make sure the program has a dedicated service component that is easily understood.
Wherever you go, expect that the experience will change you. It will also confirm your willingness to be a contributing and conscientious (global) citizen. 

Establish and/or clean up your online presence

You are probably already active on social media. Now more than ever, it’s important to use it responsibly. No more inappropriate pictures or language. Instead, create a website with your name and highlight what you do. Upload YouTube videos of you singing, performing in the arts, playing in a game, or simply sharing your vision for the world. Since your online presence is often how people meet you for the first time, make it something you are proud of.

Take classes

Summer classes at a local community college are very different from high school. You should be able to take a class that intrigues you. It may even springboard into your eventual college major. Plus, taking an additional three to six weeks to invest in your long-term education makes you smarter and shows colleges that you are a serious student. It’s also possible to take credit-bearing summer courses that most colleges will accept for credit, which can save you money in the long run.

Get a job

Paid or unpaid jobs (like internships) give you a chance to gain valuable hands-on experience. Many of these jobs can help you to determine what you want or do not want to do later in life. If you work in retail, for example, you might find you do not want to do that later in life. Or if you intern at a startup company, maybe you will be inspired to learn the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship. No matter what the job is, at this age, you will emerge better for it. And colleges will be impressed with your work ethic.

Visit colleges

No matter if you are a rising sophomore, junior, or senior, you should make a point to spend some time on a college campus this summer. If you have any potential colleges in mind, those should be your priority. But it doesn’t hurt to visit campuses near you either, just to get the experience. Since most college admission offices remain open during the summer, you can pay an informal visit. How will this impress them? Colleges track “demonstrated interest.” When it is time to apply, you will be able to reconnect with an admission officer and build an authentic rapport. If you can confirm your interest in a school, especially from a summer visit, you may shine brighter than the other applicants.

Monday, May 15, 2017

for our rising seniors

Dear Saint Peter’s Prep Rising Seniors,

As you work on your college search and upcoming application process, there are some important tasks you can accomplish during the summer.  The work you do on your college process will make the fall much more manageable.  The College Counseling team  (and students who have gone through the process!) recommends that you complete some tasks prior to the beginning of senior year.

Specifically, you should:

  • Research information about colleges on your list from several sources
  • Visit colleges. Here are some great links to college tours do's and don'ts:
  • Update your resume on Naviance
  • Create a  Common Application account  (available after August 1st.) and review it along with applications from non-Common App schools and begin to fill them out. (Don’t submit an application prior to the start of the school year)
  • Write a rough draft for a college essay. Here is the link for the 2017/18 Common App essay prompts:
  • Continue to prepare for SAT’s/ACT’s and Subject Tests (if applicable).  Check the dates for tests and registration deadlines.  You can register over the summer for the tests held in August, September and October. Go to to register for the SAT and for the ACT
  • If you are planning to apply Early Decision and/or Early Action, make an appointment to meet with your Counselor as soon as you return to school in September.  Be aware of all deadlines.
  • Register with NCAA, if applicable. Here is the website:
  • Own this responsibility and this experience.
  • Be positive, proactive and empowered!

You can do this, and we are here to help!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The World's Most Complete Game Camp
Day and Overnight
Grades 10 - 12
July 2st - 19th, 2017
University of Washington, Seattle

America's Premier Game Camp

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Congrats to the Class of 2017! Happy May 1st!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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Future Leader Camp
Future Leader Camp (FLC) is a two-week summer program that develops leadership potential in high school students. FLC is a challenging, meaningful adventure camp that builds understanding of small-group leadership techniques, leadership ethics, teamwork, problem solving, and communication. Participants will encounter challenge, excitement and fun. 
Activities include:
  • rappelling
  • paintball
  • first-aid
  • classroom instruction
  • basic drill
  • challenge course

GenCyber: Cyber Security and Cyber Defense Camp
Do you have students with some computer background who might be interested in a degree or career in cybersecurity? If so, Norwich University, in Northfield, VT, is hosting a free residential cybersecurity camp for 21 high school juniors and seniors this summer, and there are still openings. However, the April 30thdeadline to apply is approaching fast.
Attendees get free tuition, room and board, and materials to the program. The camp introduces students to information security and cyber forensics through labs (including hands-on, outdoor, and competitive in-class exercises) and presentations from local experts and guest speakers. There are field trips planned to places like Ben & Jerry's and the Vermont Emergency Operations Center. Students will even be provided with the hardware and software to build a mini computer, which they get to keep at the end of the program! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

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OPEN HOUSE April 30th

explore William Paterson University on Sunday, April 30 during our Open House.

Check-in begins at 9:15 a.m. with academic sessions beginning at 10:00 a.m. sharpAll attendees will have their $50 application fee* waived! Reservations are required, therefore please visit

• Tour our beautiful 370-acre campus including residence halls
• Speak to current students
• Discuss the admissions process
• Meet our professors and discover over 250 academic programs
• Attend a financial aid session
• Learn about our University Honors College

*When applying for admission: The University Application does not require an application fee to submit. If using the Common Application, your students must select the “Attended WP Open House” fee waiver type in WP’s General Questions so that your students may submit the application without paying the fee. Your students must not pay the application fee after submitting the application; once paid, the $50 application fee is non-refundable, non-transferable. We will waive the fee within 1-2 weeks after the event.