Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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Future Leader Camp
Future Leader Camp (FLC) is a two-week summer program that develops leadership potential in high school students. FLC is a challenging, meaningful adventure camp that builds understanding of small-group leadership techniques, leadership ethics, teamwork, problem solving, and communication. Participants will encounter challenge, excitement and fun. 
Activities include:
  • rappelling
  • paintball
  • first-aid
  • classroom instruction
  • basic drill
  • challenge course

GenCyber: Cyber Security and Cyber Defense Camp
Do you have students with some computer background who might be interested in a degree or career in cybersecurity? If so, Norwich University, in Northfield, VT, is hosting a free residential cybersecurity camp for 21 high school juniors and seniors this summer, and there are still openings. However, the April 30thdeadline to apply is approaching fast.
Attendees get free tuition, room and board, and materials to the program. The camp introduces students to information security and cyber forensics through labs (including hands-on, outdoor, and competitive in-class exercises) and presentations from local experts and guest speakers. There are field trips planned to places like Ben & Jerry's and the Vermont Emergency Operations Center. Students will even be provided with the hardware and software to build a mini computer, which they get to keep at the end of the program! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

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OPEN HOUSE April 30th

explore William Paterson University on Sunday, April 30 during our Open House.

Check-in begins at 9:15 a.m. with academic sessions beginning at 10:00 a.m. sharpAll attendees will have their $50 application fee* waived! Reservations are required, therefore please visit

• Tour our beautiful 370-acre campus including residence halls
• Speak to current students
• Discuss the admissions process
• Meet our professors and discover over 250 academic programs
• Attend a financial aid session
• Learn about our University Honors College

*When applying for admission: The University Application does not require an application fee to submit. If using the Common Application, your students must select the “Attended WP Open House” fee waiver type in WP’s General Questions so that your students may submit the application without paying the fee. Your students must not pay the application fee after submitting the application; once paid, the $50 application fee is non-refundable, non-transferable. We will waive the fee within 1-2 weeks after the event.

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I am very pleased to tell you about Schola, an exciting new high school summer program at Belmont Abbey College taking place July 16 – 23, 2017.
Schola offers a unique opportunity to rising high school juniors and seniors to spend an elevating and revitalizing week engaged in a rich schedule of academic, cultural, and recreational activities centered on lively seminars discussing several of the great books of the Western world.
While living on Belmont Abbey’s beautiful, historic campus in North Carolina, attendees will enjoy a balanced mix of reading, seminars, relaxation, and conviviality.
Mornings and early afternoons are devoted to small group seminars discussing works by masters of the Western intellectual tradition, including Plato, Shakespeare, Homer, St. Augustine, and Boethius.
Outside of class, participants enjoy daily sports and social events, visits to the celebrated Mint Museum in Charlotte, a staged reading of a Shakespeare play, hiking in the nearby Appalachian Mountains, white water rafting at the U.S. National White Water Center in Charlotte, as well as other social and recreational activities.

The program also offers opportunities and occasions for spiritual growth, including daily Mass and optional devotions.

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The deadline to apply is approaching fast for Binghamton University's Binghamton Summer College, a two-week program that provides an early college experience for academically talented, rising high-school juniors and seniors.
Scheduled Sunday, July 16 through Friday, July 28, the experience will offer students a preview into what college life at a premier public university is all about.

There are many reasons you should apply. Opportunities include:
·         taking courses such as "Speech and Debate," "Behind the Scenes at the Museum," "Theater Workshop: Acting for the Stage," "How to be a Writer," "Intro to Engineering," and "Business Foundations and Leadership Academy," taught by distinguished Binghamton faculty.
·         living in Binghamton's modern residential halls.
·         meeting other talented high-school students.
·         exploring the local community.
·         learning about the college admission process and financial aid.
The deadline to submit an application is May 1, but earlier applications are encouraged since programs have limited enrollment.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring is here so you know what that means – COLLEGE TOURS. Here are some important Do’s and Don’t’s to keep in mind while wandering your favorite campuses

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Your College Counseling Team

DO Ask about your tour guides personal experiences, favorite classes and why your guide decided upon the college over others.

DON'T Ask questions you can learn from the website. You have a real, live college student there, who attends the school you’re thinking about. Why not ask them something worth knowing about, rather than a statistic they’ve memorized from the website? You can always look that information up later.

DO Ask questions about the amounts of debt that school’s graduates typically owe and the school’s job placement rate.

DON'T Ask personal questions regarding your tour guide’s financial aid situation or your own.

DO Ask questions about the amounts of debt that school’s graduates typically owe and the school’s job placement rate. If you decide to attend the school, you will likely become one of these statistics in the future!

DON’T Count the school out because you dislike your tour guide. 

DO Make the best of your tour by asking thought-provoking and insightful questions!

DO plan ahead. Check the school’s web site for dates of tours and information sessions and to find out if reservations are required and when these events are available. Some schools do not offer tours during semester breaks and some admissions offices will close during holiday breaks.

DON’T expect a visit to campus when classes are not in session to provide the same options or experience as visiting during the regular semester schedule for any particular school.

DO remember that the logistics of getting to the college have nothing to do with what you will experience once you arrive and begin to explore life on that campus.

DON’T forget to ask questions and make notes about each school you visit. Take a notebook with you or use our college visit evaluation form to keep track of where you’ve been and what you thought of each school you visited. It’s free–print as many as you need.

DO ask questions on tours, you may be the only one. The guides encourage questions but for some reason, kids did not ask any. Do ask.

Happy Touring!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

new england center for investigative reporting

Are you a student who could be the next great journalist, someone who writes with skill in the classroom or for the school newspaper or yearbook?

If so, we have a unique summer opportunity  in Boston.

The New England Center for Investigative Reporting, based at Boston University's College of Communication, is again offering the Investigative Journalism Workshop.

This program, now in its eighth year, is a perfect fit for your student who is interested in journalism, storytelling, or writing. Nearly 165 students from 31 states and 11 countries attended last summer's workshop, and we are expecting sessions to fill up quickly for 2017.

Our three two-week workshops begin on June 26 and run through August 4. During each session, students participate in seminars and work alongside veteran journalism teachers and award-winning local and national reporters on investigative stories that challenge students' critical thinking and research skills.

Students live on the BU campus and gain hands-on experience and personal networks to benefit them in college and beyond. They also enjoy supervised outings around the city such as a tour of baseball's Fenway Park, shopping on Newbury Street, and walking the historical Freedom Trail.

For more information about our program, visit our website. I encourage you to share this information with your students and their families.

Are you interested in studying language? apply for Montclair State University's new Italian Immersion Summer Program.

High school students from New Jersey, New York and Connecticut who have successfully completed Italian 3 Honors (or equivalent) are invited to participate in the full-immersion, three-week course in Italian language and culture. Your students will be able to prepare for advanced/AP Italian courses and the AP exam. The program also gives your students the opportunity to earn three college credits in just three weeks. Three college credits at Montclair State for in-state students typically costs about $1,200 - earn three credits through the Italian Immersion Summer Program for the discounted rate of only $750! Price includes all field trips with transportation, entrance fees and gourmet food workshops.

The Italian Immersion Summer Program gives your students the chance to participate in fun and interesting trips and activities outside the classroom, including:
  • Film screenings
  • Museum visits 
  • Thematic walking tours 
  • Italian-American heritage sites 
  • Cooking lessons with Italian experts 
The program runs from July 10 through 27, 2017Monday - Thursday (9:00 am- 4:00 pm). For more information and to submit your application, visit our website

Monday, April 3, 2017

Accepted? How to Choose the Right College

If you’re one of the many high school seniors who applied to several colleges and got accepted to most of them, then you have a difficult decision ahead of you: how to choose the college that’s right for you.
But first, congratulations! The daunting application process has paid off, and now you can relax – sort of.
These colleges may have chosen you, but how do you choose a college? If you have no particular favorite in mind, then you have a little more work to do (sorry!). Luckily, we have some advice on how to choose the right college out of all those terrific options:

1. Return to each campus.

Take another tour, attend another informational meeting, ask more college visit questions and meet more students. Pay attention to how you feel on the campus now that you know you’re accepted, and whether or not you can see yourself meshing with the social setting on campus. Many colleges even offer prospective students the chance to do overnight college visits, which let you experience sleeping in a dorm, visiting what’s off-campus or even attending courses.

2. Double-check each college’s majors and requirements.

It has been a long time since you sent in your applications. You may have liked one college more than another back in the fall, but what about now? Consider what you want from your college academics now, and which college matches your goals closest. Get these questions answered (for the second time, if necessary):
  • Would one college be able to accommodate your interests more than another?
  • Is one college more flexible about changing majors, double-majoring, or letting you take a variety of classes?
  • What majors does each college specialize in?
  • How attentive is the faculty?
  • How big are the classes?

3. Compare financial aid packages.

Talk to your parents about how to choose the right college based on financial feasibility. What has each college offered you in terms of financial aid or scholarships? Are there work-study options? Feel free to contact each college’s financial aid office for more information, but go in informed.

4. Think about it.

Really think about how to choose the right college by answering these questions:
  • Where can you see yourself getting the most out of your courses?
  • Where can you see yourself living, working and eating for 4 years?
  • Where can you see yourself feeling comfortable on campus?
  • Where can you see yourself making the greatest friends?
  • Where can you see yourself being happiest?
I know everyone has said this to you already, but college truly is the greatest time of your life. How to choose the right college depends on you and your values, so consider carefully and choose wisely — because transferring is a hassle!