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This summer is the perfect time for high school students to get ahead, make plans for the future and explore their interests.  If you crave challenges, strive for success, and are thinking about college now, Stevens Pre-College is perfect. Offering a world-class educational experience just minutes from the most exciting city in the world, Stevens Pre-College provides students with hands-on, project-based learning and gives you the experience of living on campus.

Stevens Institute of Technology offers opportunities to discover New York City in and out of the classroom. Students will learn from Stevens faculty and gain applied experience in their field of interest. You can view a listing of our 2017 program offerings by clicking here.

Applications are now open, and we encourage your students to apply by our priority deadline of February 15th.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Junior Spotlight
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Juniors, Your time is coming up as well - so let's take the spotlight off of the seniors for a moment and checkout the to-do list below. Are you on track?

December College Checklist for the class of 2018

With Thanksgiving behind us and our next vacation just weeks away, it is easy to let the college process slip our minds temporarily. However, there is plenty that can be done now, particularly planning. Taking advantage of these winter months can make an enormous difference come summer and next fall.

Be Committed to the Process

The college application process, from research through to submission, takes about 40 hours of work by the student. You do not need to wait until the summer or the fall of your senior year to do much of this work. Just 15 minutes per day — a study break, really — will have you through 40 hours by the middle of August, happy and satisfied with the knowledge that you are well-situated for the senior fall. Be diligent and committed, and the process will take care of itself.

Communicate With Your Parents

This is your process, but you should make sure that your parents are informed and contributing to your college search. Take time to talk with your parents about the ways in which you want to involve them. Have this conversation early and often, even weekly.

Set up a schedule for visits, even though you may not yet have a list. Follow up with your parents after meetings with your college or guidance counselor. Work to understand your family’s financial situation. Explore costs as well as financial aid and loans. These all are essential conversations; now is the time to set up a plan for how you will communicate.

Plan Your Summer Now

December is the ideal time to make plans for the summer so that you don’t scramble at the last minute to pull something together. Have you considered an academic program to pursue advanced work in a field of interest, to bolster or supplement shaky areas of your transcript, or to explore new disciplines not available during the regular academic year?

What about a job? Can you make and save money for college? Have you considered an internship? Community service or volunteer work? Travel? Are there sports or arts camps that would assist in your plans? Discuss with your parents and college or guidance counselor a plan for the summer. Be deliberate and intentional in your planning, and reserve some down time, too.

Research, Research, Research

Begin to construct that college list. There is no substitute for visiting a college for a tour and interview or information session, but there is much to be said about getting online and exploring. Individual college Web sites can be enormously helpful in providing a sense of what your experience could be. What courses could you take? What courses must you take? How difficult is it to double-major or to switch majors? If you are undecided on a major, how might the college’s curriculum assist you in selecting one? What drives social life? How many students live on campus? What are the application requirements? Are SAT Subject Tests required? Keep note of these items that you deem to be important. The more of this information you can obtain and process, the more informed your search will be. 

Make a Standardized Testing and Test Prep Plan

Many juniors will receive PSAT results shortly. Take time to review them (and/or any other results that you have, including actual SAT and ACT results or any state exams) and put together a plan for future tests.

You should also carefully consider if and how you will go about preparing for those tests. Results from previous tests should figure prominently into any plan. To prepare, some students will opt to take courses or to work with tutors. You may also self-study by using free resources from the College Board or ACT Web sites. Regardless, now is the time to plan.

Be Genuine and Explore

This time of year, you will hear much about “what colleges want to see.” Of course, the danger here is in pursuing any end exclusively because colleges want to see it.

Be genuine. If you are going to commit your time to anything, be sure that you are doing so because it is of significance to you. Ultimately, this is what colleges want to see, and they are exceptionally talented at sniffing out students who do things exclusively because they are trying to impress.

Keep in mind that we are all lumps of clay, still being formed. Remain committed to those things that are important to you, exploring positions and experiences of leadership, but do not close the door on new opportunities that might help you learn more about that unknowable enigma: you.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a scientist?  Make that dream a reality this summer at Duke Summer College!  Whether you want to study black holes or the human genome, we have a course for you.  See the list below for just a few examples of Duke classes we are offering this summer:
  • Love and Hate Between Humans and Micro-Organisms
  • The 3-D Genome and Human Disease
  • Mathematics of the Universe
  • Sensory Biology: Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, Sound and Beyond
  • Introduction to Evolutionary Anthropology
  • The Ecology of Urban Environments
  • Introductory Seminar on Big Questions in Physics
  • The Hard Truth of Evolution
  • Microbes and Our World

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

PSAT results are coming.... learn what to expect here!

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interested in finance and the business world?

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check out this free summer camp at New Jersey Institute of Technology!

Students will be introduced to the world of finance and learn about entrepreneurship, financial markets, and money concepts. Those interested in Wall Street and possible futures in finance or economics are highly encouraged to attend. 

Also this program is FREE and runs from June 26th- July 20th (with 1 scheduled field trip and an exclusive week-long overnight camp [during the week of July 10th- July14th]).

Thursday, December 1, 2016

We are delighted to announce a special opportunity. The New England Center for Investigative Reporting, based at Boston University's College of Communication, is again offering a unique Investigative Journalism Workshop next summer. 

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This program, now in its eighth year, would be a perfect fit for your students who are interested in journalism or writing. Nearly 165 students from 31 states and 11 countries attended last summer's workshop, and we are expecting sessions to fill up quickly for 2017.

Our three two-week workshops will begin on June 26. During each session, students participate in seminars and work alongside veteran journalism teachers and award-winning local and national journalists on investigative stories that challenge students' critical thinking and research skills. Students will live on the BU campus and gain hands-on experience to benefit them in college and beyond.

For more information about our program, visit our website and read students' reflections on their experiences at the workshop last summer. I encourage you to share this information with your students and their families.

Students who apply and pay in full by January 31, 2017, can receive a $200 discount on tuition.

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Stevens Institute of Technology is proud to announce our 2017 Pre-College Programs for high school students. Offering a world-class educational experience minutes from the most exciting city in the world, Stevens Pre-College allows students to participate in hands-on, project-based learning; experience campus life; visit leading companies; and make their college applications stand out. 

Our program offers opportunities to discover New York City both in and out of the classroom. Students learn from Stevens faculty and industry professionals while gaining applied experience in a variety of disciplines. You can find a full list of the programs we offer here. 

Stevens Pre-College is geared toward highly motivated, talented high school students. We invite your students to apply to a summer program and submit supporting documents by the February 15 deadline. to learn more